A square without bangs is a win-win option that will allow you to look your best.

An attractive bob haircut came to us from Cleopatra, then it was incredibly popular among the nobility and indicated a high position. In those days, both men and women wore such a haircut. Now it has become even more popular and there are many varieties. One of the most attractive variations is considered to be a square without bangs.

A square without bangs is a win-win option that will allow you to look your best.


Ideal for women who want to make their face look longer, but at the same time it is worth considering that ladies with an elongated face cannot do such a haircut and at the same time do it straight parting. The ideal option in this case would be a side parting.

A square without bangs is a win-win option that will allow you to look your best.

Elongated bob

A chic option for those girls who want something stylish and original. Choosing the option with a shorter back of the head, you will give it additional volume and get a gorgeous haircut. It is worth considering that the strands in front should be much longer, then you can certainly get the desired effect and completely transform.

At the same time, the length itself can vary and it is worth choosing it from your personal preferences and depending on the features of the face and complexion. It also depends on which parting is worth choosing, since the effect that you get will depend on it.

Asymmetrical square

This variation is truly universal, as it suits almost all girls, without exception, no matter which one you have. complexion, face type and hair structure, you can easily choose the option that is ideal for you You.

The main thing is to decide on which side you are going to comb your hair. This is very important, since it will depend on which side will be longer, because in this case it is she who plays the role of the bangs, which is absent in this variation.


There are a huge variety of styling variations for this haircut, it is quite simple to make them and it practically does not take time. The main thing is to choose the variation that you like for one occasion or another, and you can be sure that in just a few minutes you will look your best.

If you have not yet decided on radical changes, then it's time to take a closer look at this haircut, which will help you transform.

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