Testers are prohibited in Magnet Cosmetics: what the seller suggested to me when choosing lipstick

In this difficult period of restrictions, cosmetics stores behave differently. For example, in Rive Gaucher, for a very long time, everything was partitioned off and there was no access to testers, only through a seller. At the same time, there were no problems with this in Letual, take what you want and test it. Needless to say, the WG was completely empty? Restrictions have been around for a long time and only recently have they been removed from us. Apparently, sales have fallen completely.

All testers were removed from Magnet Cosmetic. I didn't quite understand whether they were completely banned or not. The seller said that they were completely forbidden to work with them, at the same time there was an inscription that all testers are processed every hour. Obvious contradictions. What prevents the tester from looking at the seller, who will then process it, I do not know.

Tell us, how are you with the testers? Also banned or do sellers have access to them and show you? It is very interesting to me.

I came to the store for lipstick, concealer and nail polish. There were no problems with the latter, and even the color was found to be successful. I really like the babies from Golden Rose there, I showed them recently in my article. I have been buying them for a long time, I use them for a pedicure, I'm happy. From time to time she took other brands, but most of all I like Golden Rose.

Testers are prohibited in Magnet Cosmetics: what the seller suggested to me when choosing lipstick

I saw a glimpse of Stellary lipstick in shade 06 Cappuccino on Instagram, I liked it. I didn't look for reviews to see photos on others, but in vain. When I approached the booth with Stellary, a salesperson came up and asked if I needed help. She asked me to show me the lipstick tester, because I sincerely believed that since they had an ad about the processing of testers every hour, they were there.

Received a refusal, very categorical. We are not allowed! I turned around, but the woman suggested that I carefully look at the color of lipstick from lipsticks for sale... As I understand it, they simply do not have testers, perhaps, due to restrictions, they stopped supplying. I dont know. For me, they carefully peeled off the sticker and anti-theft and opened the lipstick.

What do you think is the correct reaction to this? To be glad that they did this for me? Upset that maybe I'll buy lipstick that was shown to others, and more than once? To swear that this is lawlessness?

I looked at the lipstick, but I didn't understand much. It seems nothing like that. Of course, it is convenient with the tester - you can apply it on your hand, see the texture, and what to say. I decided to take a chance, I took it.

I also needed an eyebrow pencil, I love to find something interesting in stores for readers. I was offered Stellari, it was already impossible to open it neatly - it was sealed in film. The seller was brilliant! Look at the color on the pencil itself, it completely matches. Well, I should. Of course, I didn't take it.

I also picked up a budget concealer from Eveline, which I've heard a lot of good things about. They have only 2 shades, light and dark. Coming soon about an article on budget concealers, this is one of my favorite products in my makeup bag. If you want to freshen up, grab a concealer. Do you want to hide the age spot? Take concealer. He can also highlight the area under the eyes, hiding the blue, hide rosacea (red blood vessels), they can do face color correction without the skills of a makeup artist. Among the older generation, it is an often underestimated product.

I liked the concealer, even pleasantly surprised. It sits well on the skin, does not emphasize dryness, does not lie with a foreign object, the edges of the application are well shaded. The finish is lively, not dull matte, but also not too wet. What you need. Good, but for its price, so generally wonderful.

But I was not lucky with lipstick, I applied it to my lips and was upset. Ugly brown with a hint of putty. Instead of cappuccino, I saw some kind of corpse lip color, I'm sorry, but I can't say otherwise. The most interesting thing is doing a swatch on my hand. Handsomely. In bright artificial light, it still looks nothing, but in general it is clearly not mine. Maybe someone will suit, I do not know, but this is a failure on me.

And you know, even if there was a tester in the store, I would not have understood from the Swatch that everything is so bad. Lipstick shopping has failed completely, the desire to buy Stellari's vaunted lipstick has subsided.

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