Very common mistakes when shaping eyebrows: I myself made them

Everyone around is saying that the eyebrows are deciding. It's true. The wrong eyebrows can give a ridiculous look, throw back in 2010, and then in 1990, add age.

It's great when you can get to a good eyebrow artist to do the job for you. Will make beauty, give guidelines for painting on the house, if required. But finding it is not easy. There are so many 3-day courses on the internet that it gets scary sometimes. And experience is also not a guarantee, because a master can spank garbage for years, and someone will even come back to him. This is the reality.

There are a lot of tips and schemes on the Internet. Take it and do it. However, some are outdated, some are contradictory, and some are generally quite dubious. I don't like all these schemes at all, maybe that's why eyebrows are not my forte? Maybe.

My eyebrows

Nature was not so generous to me when she gave me eyebrows. And I also added. Or rather, she turned it down, mercilessly plucking them out during her school years. And after several years of torture with tweezers, the eyebrows were offended and decided not to return. And you know, I understand them. I, too, would not return, out of harm's way.

And friendship with tweezers was replaced by friendship with pencil and eyebrow shadows. So feminine, huh? From time to time I dye my eyebrows with paint, I like it when it stays on the skin for the first days. Now I have a new one, quite budgetary, but interesting, soon I will tell you about it in a separate article.

My minimum, with which I feel confident in society these are eyebrows, a couple of drops of concealer and a little blush. Of course, I can get out without it, I'm not so insecure. We take charisma, girls! But the eyebrows are much better.

Eyebrow shaping errors: in 2020 it shouldn't have been done, and even more so in 2021

The first and decisive moment the width of the base (beginning) of the eyebrow and the width of the eyebrow in the place where the highest point is located must match.

How was it for me? The beginning of the eyebrow was wider, and I could figure out what was wrong. When I corrected this moment, the eyebrows were IMMEDIATELY transformed. I think this is a very important nuance. Don't be afraid that your eyebrows will look too heavy, thick, and overworked. The main thing is to find your ideal width, you can experiment a little, the main thing is not to go far from the natural form.

Plus, the base of the eyebrow is always lighter and more airy, it is not as saturated as the rest. Be sure to lighten the beginning of the eyebrow, don't paint it brightly! I still see girls and women who have the same color intensity all over their brows. Blend the beginning of the brow to make it lighter. Or use a hair-like technique, drawing only strokes that simulate hairs.

The third mistake is very common. I confess that I did it without thinking at all. And I often see it on others. And now I'm talking about the drooping tail of the eyebrow. My eyebrows grow so that the tip goes quite low.

Far from ideal, but much better))

We should strive to inflate all the lines on the face, because with age they go down. This also applies to the eyebrows, the end should not go down. The lower point of the base of the eyebrows and the tip should be approximately in line.

It is not always necessary to pluck the tip to the level of the lowest starting point. Sometimes it's better to catch a balance paint on the lower border of the base a little and polish the tip a little. Of course, you only need to navigate us your face. Try it, look for this balance, you will succeed!

Made them a little brighter for the photo.

I paint on eyebrows with an invariably automatic pencil from Vivien Szabo, he was praised from all irons for more than one year by both bloggers and makeup artists. And I had the opposite reaction, as usual. The more a product flashes, the less I want to buy it. I am the only one? But praise to the gods that at one point I gave up. He is divine!

My color 04 gray-brown, it does not reddish and looks very harmonious. I'll buy myself a couple more, let them lie, I know how they like to take cool products out of production. I’ve already told about it a hundred times, but all of a sudden someone didn’t read it.

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