5 phrases from parents that can ruin a child's whole life

Nobody knows what it is like to be a good parent. We often have to learn everything with our children. Only from our own experience are we able to understand whether we did the right thing or wrong. Perhaps this is why we make a lot of mistakes with the first child, and then we try not to repeat them with subsequent toddlers. What mistakes can you make? Even if you consider yourself an exemplary mom, who is “everything for her baby,” with the child’s finger “no, no”, do not sleep, do not eat, do not rest, you can also make mistakes.

Not only physical health is the key to the well-being of the child, but also psychological. What you say to your baby is sometimes deposited in his head for life. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your phrases, try not to say anything emotionally when you are very irritated or angry.

In the upbringing of a child, there should always be a measure, absolutely in everything. You may not punish the child with a belt, an angle or something else, but your thoughtlessly shouted, well, or spoken words can harm your children so much! You don't want your child to have psychological problems in the future, do you?

Then let's find out the phrases that can really ruin your child's life.

"And here I am at your age ..."

You can be an excellent student, a medalist, with a music school, artistic inclinations and other baggage from the past, but you don't need to remind your child about it in such a tone. He is different, times are different now. Remember, your child is unique, he does not have to become yours or someone else's copy. You will compare, you will only develop complexes in it, but you will not achieve anything good!

"I know better!"

We all want the best for our children. First of all, we want our children to be happy, so that they do not make mistakes that we have made, so that they do not have the same bitter experience. But excessive custody and an attempt to implant his opinion in the child's head will lead to the fact that the offspring will not think with his brains at all. He will not learn anything, because you need to learn from your mistakes.

"Because I decided so!"

Do you just want to become an authority for your child? But with such a phrase you will make him think: his opinion means absolutely nothing! It is better to rephrase these words somehow to explain to the child why he should act exactly as you say.

"Let me do it myself!"

If you want your child to grow up independently, he needs to be given more freedom. How many modern mothers are now who, up to the age of four, spoon-feed babies, and pull tights for children up to the second grade. And how they protect children from cleaning! Although already from the age of two, the baby can be involved in cleaning, and this is neither mockery, nor child labor! Do not forget to praise the kid for the help too!

"You won't go for a walk until ..."

Well, of course, you want the child, for example, to learn homework, put away the toys, wash the dishes, and then go for a walk. But he will very quickly understand that it is very profitable to put ultimatums, and will do the same with you. Do not be surprised if you soon hear something like: "I will not wash the dishes until you ..."

Very often such phrases are pronounced by parents mechanically. That is why you need to think a hundred times, and then speak, because your words can injure the child and even ruin his whole life!

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