How much to cook green potatoes

Not at all. Throw it away.

Green potatoes have a lot of solanine. This is a natural poison that potatoes produce when exposed to light.

When potato tubers are about to sprout, they produce many different types of poison to protect themselves from infection.

Solanine imparts a bitter taste to potatoes. It will burn your throat, stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea will begin. Then a headache will hurt, and you can die.

There are different variants of foolishness in relation to solanine. According to the official position of the American Ministry of Agriculture, you can clean the green spots of solanine, pick off the sprouts and then use such potatoes for food.

Solanine concentrates in the peel, making it easy to get rid of most of the poison. Personally, I don't like this approach, because I know for sure that a smaller part of the poison will still remain. Let them eat such potatoes themselves.

Some people also say that green potatoes can be peeled and then tasted raw. Because solanine is bitter and so easy to spot.

I would not advise trying raw suspicious potatoes, because many people have their own ideas about bitterness. Some people try the false porcini mushroom, and then still try to cook it. You could be wrong.

The next story is related to cooking. Many people think that if you boil green potatoes, the solanine will break down and you can eat it.

This is stupidity. Solanine is not destroyed at all during cooking. And even with deep frying of potatoes at temperatures from 170 to 210 degrees, you can get rid of only about 40% of the poison. So heat treatment won't save you from solanine.

Store the potatoes in a cool, dark place so they won't try to sprout and poison.

Cut out all the sprouts on the potatoes, because it is during the germination that the tubers begin to fight all sorts of agricultural pests. This means that even without greening, potatoes can cause some other poison. She has a whole arsenal of different poisons there.

Are you still cooking? Then we go to you.

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