How to Avoid Emotional Shopping and Return From Online Stores: Expert Tips

In the program "Rank with Ukraine" on the channel "Ukraine", experts told how not to become a victim of an emotional purchase and how to return goods purchased on the Internet.

Psychologists note that eight out of ten people make purchases on emotions. The flashy picture, the hard-to-refuse offers, and the marketing pitfalls. You did not understand how you have already purchased the goods you do not need. And then you regret it. Most purchases today are done online. But even there, marketers are already skillfully manipulating your desires.

In order to no longer succumb to emotional purchases and return unwanted goods purchased on the Internet, you need to know a few simple but important nuances. To begin with, the marketer advises to study the promotional offers of the product. A lot of the details will tell you that advertising is aimed at getting you to make a purchase without hesitation. For example, the human brain responds very well to price comparisons. That is, it was 40 hryvnia, but now it is 30. And this is an emotional trap.

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“The difference in price of more than 10%, which is usual for a product, stimulates a person to make an emotional purchase,” explains marketing specialist Vadym Pustotin in the program “Ranks with Ukraine”.

Advertising can also force people to buy when the offer is about gifts. For example, a one plus one item is offered.

Plus, you need to learn to buy only what you were looking for. Therefore, internet marketing is very clever. For example, when you were looking for a vacuum cleaner a week ago and for some reason did not buy it, advertising for the device will follow you on any websites. Therefore, in order not to make emotional purchases, the psychologist advises, in the good sense of the word, to deceive the mind.

“If you decide to buy a 105th dress, you need to sleep with this thought,” advises psychologist Elena Ryhalskaya.

And if you have already bought - remember, you have the right to return the goods. Your guarantor that you will receive a refund for your purchase on the Internet is a check or an official letter in the mail.

“We must indicate who the seller is, his location, the code in the unified register of companies, so that a person could apply with a letter, could send the goods there, "- lawyer Yuri Belous notes on the air of the channel "Ukraine".

So remember! Shopping on emotion can easily be avoided. First, examine the composition of the ad. If it contains gift offers or an exponential price reduction, it can be an emotional trap. Secondly, with any desire to buy, you better sleep - in the morning you may not remember the product. And in order to be able to return the product on the Internet, ask for a receipt with the name of the company and its seal. Knowing these rules will help you save money and avoid a thoughtless purchase.

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