Why you can't cover the stroller with anything in summer

A cover made of thin fabric for a stroller on a sunny day creates a heating effect and does not allow air to circulate freely.

This can lead to heatstroke, warns Swedish pediatrician Svante Norghen.

We all know that you cannot leave your child in the car for a long time in the summer without a working air conditioner. But we often leave the child sleeping in the stroller, covering him with a cloth cape. This is a very bad habit that can cause your baby to overheat.


Swedish pediatrician Svante Norgen said that because of the cape it quickly becomes very hot in the stroller, the air stops circulating and at the same time it is difficult for the parents to see the child.

The pediatrician advises, when putting the child to sleep in the stroller, remove the back panel to improve air movement, dress the child in light, loose clothing and try to spend more time in the shade.

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