Why is misted plastic windows in the apartment, and what to do?

Condensation on windows looks ugly and affect the visibility.

The main cause of condensation is the high level of humidity.

And heat and cold air in contact with glass, the water passes from the gaseous to the liquid state, droplets are formed.

If the apartment temperature rises, the condensate is deposited on the glass, respectively, the surface is misted.

From what does the humidity?

  • The breath of humans and animals,
  • Houseplants,
  • Water treatment,
  • Wash,
  • The presence of insulation.

Also leads to the appearance of condensation substandard ventilation, the presence in the room mortars.

What if misted windows in winter?

The easiest way to get rid of the problem - to ensure normal ventilation in the room, for example, open a window and to create a draft.

Another interesting life hacking is to use candles, they not only create a mood, but also to prevent the formation of condensation on the windows.

You can wipe the window with a solution that they are not misting:

  • The alcohol in water,
  • Vodka,
  • Saline (1 to 2),
  • A solution of chalk,
  • A solution of the tooth powder.

If none of these methods has not coped with strong condensation, you can try to household chemicals.

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