Why the coronavirus proceeds differently for everyone: the doctor's answer

Coronavirus in every person proceeds differently, why is this happening, said infectious disease doctor Svetlana Kunitsyna.

According to doctors, in one patient the coronavirus manifests itself only with temperatures up to 37 degrees, while another has pneumonia and other complications.
People generally carry diseases in different ways. One person, for example, ends up in a hospital with pneumonia, while another has a mild form.

According to her, it depends on many factors, including the strain of the virus. The doctor notes that far from the most aggressive and vicious coronavirus has come to Ukraine, in many patients it proceeds easily. But the severity also depends on the state of the body, this is the second important factor that determines the course.

It is important whether there are chronic diseases. Even not the main age, in young people with diabetes mellitus or other endocrine diseases, coronavirus infection manifests itself more intensely.
In Europe, we have seen more severe forms, but in any case, the elderly are considered a risk zone. After all, they already have chronic diseases. It is also important what condition the blood vessels are in; it has been noticed that people who have problems with them are more likely to suffer from severe forms.
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