7 things in the house that spoil your mood every day

Non-obvious things that influence your subconscious and mood. Hurry up to get rid of them - and the result will surprise you.

Mood can spoil even a trifle. And if such details 10-20-30? Here are the most common sources bad moodThat surround your house every day.

Kids toys

More precisely, a ton of toys. They are literally everywhere - in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, under the bed and, of course, in it too. Not to mention the children's room. Toys scattered instantly create a mess, and clean them several times a day - quite a tedious activity. Especially if their careful placement already corny is not enough space.

What to do: distribute toys for a few boxes, keep the child, conventionally, two of the eight cases. The remaining clean away in the closet. When a child is enough of, remove the other two boxes of toys and boring hide. Do not be afraid that the child will be bored. According to psychologists, children useful bored. It develops the imagination and the ability to independently to do.

Books that you will not re-read

Most of the books you read once and then they are gathering dust on the shelves, and take up space. Bumping into them again and again during the harvest, you know that getting rid of these books is a pity, and keep them useless. This does not mean that the house should not even stay the books, but their quantity and quality must be worked out.

What to do: Give to charity books that you do not need. Often this is entirely new book that you did not even read. If the book is kept by you for several years - and during this time you never did not use it, it does not relate pleasant memories - it's time to go back to where it will be more useful.

Things from your childhood

It may be old toys, children's clothing, notes, pictures and postcards. All this, of course, has the right to occupy a certain place in your home. But such things are a significant emotional burden, because you are constantly reminded of the age, that childhood is gone forever, of past friends and relations, and so on. And if you see these things every day, they erode your mood.

What to do: No, do not throw away. Gently fold all with associated fond memories of childhood and adolescence, in a separate box and place it away from the eyes. Reach for the nostalgia is not too often. A seat to put your own photo of the current time, where you are happy.

unmade bed

It would seem, what about making the bed, if you need it again in the evening to spread - and so every day. However, the mess on the bed subconsciously depresses you, because it creates an unpleasant feeling of chaos.

What to do: the fact to remove the bed, you need to spend only 1 minute. Make it a habit to do it immediately after waking. Pride in yourself and a pleasant sensation of seeing order in the bedroom will charge you a good mood and will give the right start to a new day.

Wrong color of the walls

Unloved or wallpaper. Of course, to start repairs, to change the appearance of the walls - it is troublesome and time consuming. But if you do not stay at home relaxing and depressing due to the fact that once you woke up in the designer and made the living room in red tones, the better the wall still repaint.

What to do: now the market of finishing materials offer a huge number of colors that dry quickly and have low toxicity. So moving from wall to wall, moving the furniture in one part of the room or the other, you can gradually change the atmosphere in the room, not evicting children from the apartment at the time of repair.


Of course, if you are a deeply religious person who goes to church, and in compliance with all regulations - for you icons in the home are important and necessary. But often these things are even in the homes of diehard agnostics and atheists, because they bring the mothers, grandmothers and other relatives. For the older generation a mandatory ritual - to bring you a bottle of holy water (half a liter so) and put in the bedroom and children's icons. So it "on the quieter soul."

Accordingly, throw the icon you hand does not rise, and hide in the closet - to hurt an old man. However, if you are far from the church affairs, it is constantly looking at you with holy icons can greatly spoil the mood.

What to do: allocate to all religious affiliation a place that you will not be seen from the bed to, respectively, the icon was not the first thing you see after waking up and before going to bed.

broken things

Cracked favorite cup, dilapidated children's toys, torn clothes and shoes and other things that it's time to throw out. You see them every day and subconsciously frustrated. You are afraid to get rid of them for fear of poverty: if tomorrow will have nothing to wear, there is nothing to drink and so on. However, as a result of you are living among the broken, damaged items, and do not buy new just because still using the same.

What to do: throw everything that objectively deteriorated, and free up space in your home and your life to new things.

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