How not to gain weight over the holidays: 5 fitness rules

The symbol of the new year is not only a certain animal, but also an increase of several kilograms during the holidays.

It is difficult to control yourself when the whole festive atmosphere beckons: drink champagne, have a snack fragrant pie, try the famous jellied meat according to grandma's recipe, etc. In the end it turns around weight gain.

What you definitely shouldn't do in this situation is to go to extremes. It is not worth giving up any pleasures so that the holiday will be remembered only by your sacrifice to beauty. As well as stocking up on pills to improve digestion and going all out to the point where it is difficult to breathe.

And here is the best way to proceed.

Jump rope is fast and effective

The simulator from childhood will easily fit in your pocket, and there are a lot of benefits in the struggle for an ideal figure. Allows you to burn calories at a rate of 13 kcal per minute. 15 minutes a day is enough! Listening to energetic music during an intense workout will help you get in rhythm and not stutter. Another life hack: keep your elbows tightly pressed against your body and your knees slightly bent.

 Take advantage of the staircase

When the world for many narrowed down to the size of an apartment, various tricks were used. So, those who cannot imagine life without regular jogging have moved to a flight of stairs. Conveniently! You don't break the rules, you don't interrupt your workouts, you don't clutter up your apartment with a treadmill. Running up the stairs in a multi-story building is a great workout for those who dream of pumping their buttocks, improving heart function and, of course, effectively burning excess calories.

In the case of a particularly strict lockdown, even if it is scary to leave the apartment, use a step platform. This is a fairly compact simulator that is nice to have at home. Suitable for simulating walking up the stairs. In addition, it is capable of enhancing the effectiveness of any classic exercise by enhancing muscle work, dexterity and balance.

 Experience the Thrill of Taste and Reduce Calories

Steamed chicken breast has a "bad reputation". As soon as we begin to adjust our diet in the best traditions of dietetics, the reflex is triggered: "Beauty requires sacrifice, and this sacrifice is me." It's a completely different matter if you try to cook the same steamed cutlets accompanied with mango slices and carrot and lingonberry puree. Eating well is not just about fresh broccoli with quinoa. Pamper your receptors. This way there is less risk of breaking loose and “rewarding” yourself with a donut. Checked!

 Keep your vitamin D levels under control

Ideally, of course, take a blood test. But doctors and nutritionists are unanimous in the opinion that in winter in central Russia, when there are only a few hours between sunrise and sunset, a deficiency of the "solar vitamin" is inevitable. But this micronutrient increases the effectiveness of leptin, a hormone that signals the brain that you are full, thereby saving you from overeating. So consult your doctor and adjust your vitamin intake. It is quite possible that this will speed up the loss of extra pounds.

 More is worse

Overtraining is not a benefit, but a harm. Those who are actively involved in fitness, dancing, sports are at risk. More precisely, too active. The intensity of the exercise is such that the body does not have time to recover. It is important to understand that overtraining is not only a problem for world sports stars. Each person has his own line, beyond which efficiency stops growing, and fatigue builds up. The main "stop light" is your mood.

You feel uncharacteristic for yourself anger or, on the contrary, indifference (emotional burnout) - it's time to slow down and slow down the pace of training.

There is another nuance that is characteristic of the female body. If training puts you in endless stress, it can have unexpected (and unwanted) effects. The body regards stress as a threat and starts storing fat in the waist area. The point is physiology - nature protects us from exhaustion in case of pregnancy.

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