Head trauma in a child: Komorowski told when to panic

Sooner or later, even the most vigilant mother, the child falls and hits his head. How do you know all there with the baby in the manner and under any symptoms, immediately seek medical attention?

On what symptoms after the child's fall are the most dangerous, said Dr. Komorowski in his Instagram. Here'sa publication unchanged.

The principal feature of the first year of life is the fact that the amount of fluid in the cranial cavity is much higher than that of older children. In addition, there are fontanelles and supple and mobile joints between the bones of the skull. All this creates the possibility of depreciation and reduces the risk of strokes and head hair.

Head trauma in the child / istockphoto.com

The vast majority of head injuries in infants ends happily, but any blow to the head required serious attention as possible is very dangerous substance brain damage and bleeding in the cavity skull.

Parents are required to know the symptoms that indicate that a head injury is potentially dangerous and requires a mandatory and immediate access to medical care:

  • loss of consciousness of any duration;
  • inappropriate behavior;
  • unusual sleepiness;
  • convulsions;
  • more than one episode of vomiting;
  • inability to move an arm or leg;
  • pupils of different sizes;
  • appearance of dark (dark blue) stain under the eyes or of the ears;
  • bleeding from the nose or ears;
  • selection of colorless or bloody fluid from the nose or ear.

Note: Dangerous symptoms may not appear immediately, so parents should closely observe childcare for at least 24 hours after a head injury, even if the injury seems minor.

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