TOP 5 unsolicited advice from grandmothers that piss off young parents

Grandmothers sometimes go too far, trying to lead the upbringing of their grandson.

We have compiled the TOP 5 tips that almost all parents piss off.

Sleep with your baby during the day

Great advice that does not take into account the mother's many household chores. Most women use the time when the child sleeps to wash the dishes, clean the room, wipe the shelves, do the laundry, and so on.

Since the husband is at work, the parent has to deal with everything alone.

Do not carry it constantly in your arms

Upbringing in previous years was sometimes... brutal. Some grandmothers still believe that the child should be allowed to cry because it is good for the lungs. In fact, crying and screaming is a huge stress for a child and needs to be reassured. The same goes for hand-carrying.

Give your child care and attention as long as it is needed.

OP-5 unsolicited advice from grandmothers who piss off young parents

Give him a pacifier to calm down

Does the grandmother think that the mother deliberately does not give the pacifier so that the child cries? Unless she really decided to use the harmful advice that we mentioned above. Most likely, parents are trying to wean the baby from the nipple at this very moment, so you have to endure and adapt.

You're holding the wrong baby

A baby is not a trainer to demonstrate the skills of a professional mother. Every woman knows how to hold a child. It's not worth discussing.

She is already a year old, it's time to shave her head

But in fact, it is not necessary to shave a child in one year, hair specialists even found out that it is harmful for the baby - the hair follicles suffer. Explain to your grandmother that it's time to stop believing in this myth.

OP-5 unsolicited advice from grandmothers who piss off young parents


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