Nicole Kidman banned children from using Instagram

28 October 2020 21:00Alla Lysak
Nicole Kidman banned children from using Instagram

Nicole Kidman banned children from using Instagram / @nicolekidman

53-year-old actress Nicole Kidman said in an interview with American gloss that Instagram for her children is prohibited.

In a conversation with a journalist for The Daily Mail, Kidman admitted that she does not allow children to use Instagram, although she herself has accounts on many social networks. The reason for this controversial decision lies in Kidman's belief that social media harms children and their self-esteem.
I am raising 12 year old daughter Sunday and 9 year old Margaret. The eldest is already actively interested in social networks. I won't say that I am 100% tech-savvy, but Sunday limits my use of the Internet. The child really wants to get into this world, I see.
Kidman said that she tries to raise children with self-confidence.

In her opinion, social networks instill in children complexes and a desire to imitate certain ideals.


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