Why your child still hasn't started talking: TOP-3 non-obvious reasons

The development of speech in children is a very individual process, in which everyone enters at different rates.

And yet, sometimes you really need to start worrying if your kid after two years, he still hasn't uttered a word. The reasons may be as follows.

Bilingual family 

Children who grow up in a bilingual family tend to be delayed in their speech. The fact is that because of the different language that the baby hears, it is much more difficult for him to understand how and what he should start speaking. To do this, the child needs to be helped to separate one language from another. This takes time. So the delay in the start of speech formation, and the absence of common sentences, and errors in the grammatical structure of phrases are quite acceptable.

Genetic trait 

If you see that your toddler is in no hurry to twitter, ask your parents when you said your first words. Heredity plays a really important role in this matter. Perhaps the child is leaking genes of a not very hasty parent.

Hearing problems

In order for the baby to form an active vocabulary, the child should learn to perceive the speech around him. If he has hearing defects, then it is better to immediately consult an otolaryngologist quickly.


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