Where can you fly to rest abroad

Until the end of summer - three more weeks. This means that you can have time to plan a short trip to the long-awaited vacation.

However, most likely, we will not be able to do this soon. Recently, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine updated the list with the countries of the "red" zone due to the negative dynamics of the pandemic in the world.

It included 127 countries. Thus, the total list of countries has doubled in comparison with the following solution. It also included such countries that were previously on the "green" list: Cyprus, Georgia, Poland.

Egypt and Turkey, the most popular of this year, are still in the green zone. In addition, countries such as Croatia, Italy, Greece, Britain, Sweden and Portugal were included in the zone. The total number of countries opened in Ukraine is 66. However, this still doesn't make much sense, since Ukraine is in the "red" zone for the EU. Accordingly, you cannot fly into their territory.


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