Children of war: 10 museums in Ukraine, where interested

Editorial offers you only a few contacts museums in Ukraine, where children can learn about the Second World War. Find out for sure in your area there is an interesting museum.

Many years have passed since then, as the finished one of the worst wars in the history of mankind - the Second World War. Many countries are united against fascism while men, women and even children have to defend their native land. How to tell children about the date of the Great Patriotic War?

War black cloud swept across Ukraine, he has brought many deaths and crippled destinies. Almost every Ukrainian woman buried during the war, her husband, brother or son, in many Ukrainian villages there are mass graves and the graves of the unknown soldier. It is through these nameless heroes who did not spare his life, defending the homeland, we are now able to live and work on their land.

It was a terrible time for our country, but without the lessons of the past have no future. And therefore our future - our Children need to know the story

their homeland. Be sure to take the time to visit with your family one of the military museums in Ukraine, and tell your children about the contribution of our people in the struggle against fascism.

In Ukraine, there are many museums that tell about the interesting events of the Second World War. Modern program of excursions, special quests thought out so that the children would be interesting to know the important information.

National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II


Address: Str. Lavra, 27
Tel. (044) 285 94 52

National Museum of Military History of Ukraine


Address: Str. Grushevskogo, 30/1
Tel .: (044) 284 6476

Petrivtsi (Kyiv region)
Museum "Battle for Kyiv in 1943»


Address: Str. Vatutina, 67
Tel.: (04596) 4 51 23

Korosten (Zhytomyr region).
Military-Historical Museum Complex "The Rock"


AddressStr. May 1st, 2nd and
Tel .: (0 4142) 4 20 61

Diorama "Battle for the Dnepr"


Address: etc. Yavornytsky 16
Tel .: (0 56) 246 34 26

Putivl (Sumy region)
The museum complex Spadshchansky Forest


Address: from. Kardash
Tel .: (05442) 5 34 16

Zhdenievo (Transcarpathian region)
Bunker Arpad Line


Address: from. upper Grabownica
Tel .: (099) 555 07 07

APU Air Force Museum


Address: Str. Chervonoarmijska 105
Tel.: (0432) 596 190

Pobuzhsky (Kirovohrad region)
Museum of Strategic Missile Forces


Tel.: (05161) 7 39 72

Ochakiv (Mykolaiv region)
Military-Historical Museum of Suvorov


AddressStr. Lenin 1
Tel.: (0254) 2-21-01

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