How to teach a child not to interrupt adults

Although, in truth, not only children do this.

Many parents are familiar with the situation when the child gets into a conversation, although this is not an urgent need. How to teach him not to interrupt?

1. Explain why interrupting is bad.

A simple ban on children is not enough. They need arguments and facts about the norms of decency that are clear at the appropriate age. It is important to explain this in private and not in front of strangers.

2. If the child very often requires attention, interrupts, interferes with your affairs - this is clear a signal of a lack of attention on your part. However, the situation cannot be allowed to spiral out of control, so that the child can decide when and what the parents do, and when to be silent.

Make a rule to spend at least 30 minutes a day with your child so as not to engage in any parallel activities (without a smartphone, TV, etc.) - only quality time together. This will help the child to feel less need for your attention.

3. You can't just "shut up" the child

If he does not understand why this is happening, then he reads from your irritation the signal "lost somewhere, don't be here", which has a very negative effect on psychological well-being. Teach your child to behave differently, show an alternative.

4. Lead by example and be consistent.

Make sure that you yourself never interrupt others - the child will remember this gesture of respect. Also, choose one of the methods of teaching your child patience and the ability to wait - and stick to it consistently.

5. Agree on signs

Agree with your child that interrupting is only possible in urgent situations. The rest of the time, agree on the symbols. For example, if you are talking, and the child wants to tell you something, then you can draw attention to yourself in silence - take the hand, for example.

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