Low in calories, high in vitamins: Yulia Pankova spoke about the benefits of cherries

The cherry season is open. She has already filled all markets and supermarkets. By the way, the berry is not only tasty, but also healthy. It contains substances that are responsible for the health of several organs at once! If you are still indifferent to cherries, we advise you to fix it.

The host of the "Inspector" program (New Channel), cook Yulia Pankova has prepared five reasons that will convince you to fall in love with these juicy berries.

- Sweet cherries can be consumed in large quantities, - says Yulia. - Its calorie content is very low, only 50 calories per 100 g. Will not affect the figure in any way. I love cherries and spoil my family with delicious meals. It can be added not only to baked goods, but also to meat.

So why is sweet cherry so useful?

1. Helps relieve stress. It is rich in B vitamins that affect the state of the nervous system as well as mood. Sweet cherries are recommended to be eaten with daily stress and insomnia in order to normalize the psychological state.

2. Increases immunity. Vitamin C contained in cherries increases the body's resistance to various kinds of viruses and bacteria. Vitamin A increases the number of leukocytes responsible for fighting ARVI.

3. Improves skin condition. The berry contains vitamin E, which helps the skin to restore moisture balance. Vitamins B and C help strengthen hair and nails.

4. Improves vision. Vitamin A prevents visual impairment and the development of eye diseases.

5. Helps muscles and joints. Thanks to cherries, the body recovers faster after sports, and is ready for new achievements!

“I hope I convinced you that cherries are a vitamin bomb that the body needs,” says the host. - Eat to your health!

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