Top-5 Ukrainian driving schools with a good reputation: useful addresses

Many people start out with the driver's driving school. The choice of this institution plays an important role in learning the basics of driving and traffic rules.

In Ukraine, there are a number of driving schools, which are popular and have a good reputation. edition Kolobok.uaI picked up the top 5 driving schools across Ukraine.



After training, drivers get right category A, A1, B. The main advantage - it is a good, modern material and technical base. Instructors and teachers of driving schools produce teaching materials used by other courses. Specialists conduct not only basic testingBut also check the resistance to stress, communication and psycho-emotional state of students. The school is located on the boulevard. Lesia Ukrainka 26, and school offices on Poznyaky and the Leningrad area. Tuition fees from 6000 UAH.


This establishment is preparing drivers of category A, A1, B. There are taught not only the normal driving, but also to carry out extreme driving courses. Also, you can restore driving skills. Training takes place on cars with manual and automatic transmission. The driving school "Professional" can progress payment. Located in the city of Kharkov st. 4 and Snopova ave. Moscow 193. Price for training from 1800 UAH. 200 UAH + practice. one session.

"Mirage 2004"

This Driving School - one of the largest schools in Odessa. It has 10 branches throughout the city. Every year, one of the best institutions that teach driving. The driving school working professionals: teachers of the SDA and the foundations of security, psychologists, teachers holding sign language. Preparations drivers of category A, A1, B. There is constantly improving the material and technical base of educational and car park. The main office is located at ul. Transfiguration 9 A. Tuition fees: the theory from 1200 UAH; Practice 2050 UAH.

"Good driver-Lviv"

In this school, train and upgrade the skills of drivers of category B. Personnel selected from the best professionals. School has a fleet cars on the manual and automatic transmissions. It located in Lviv on the street. Stepan Bandera 91.



The school is located in Zaporozhye and has 11 branches throughout the city. There is availability of modern equipment and teaching materials that allow students to pass trial testing at any time. Prepare drivers of category A, A1, B, C, D. The Tuition fees from 1500 UAH. + Practical exercises.

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