How to cook without messing up your kitchen

Start with a clean kitchen

Clean up the kitchen before you start cooking. The countertops must be clean and the sink empty. Otherwise, the clutter will slow down and interfere with the process.

Make a plan

Think about the menu in advance. Remember how many times you have to grind garlic, and how much to grate lemon zest? If there are ingredients that are used in several dishes at once, prepare everything in advance.

Choose the right cookware

Take a container so that it fits and you do not have to dirty mountains of dishes. When in doubt, choose a large bowl immediately or cutting board. Bigger is better.

Mix food above the sink

If you know that you cannot mix the products, do everything above sink.

Make friends with foil

Don't spare the baking paper when cooking in the oven. You will save not only your time, but also your nerves.

Clean up immediately

Get into the habit of cleaning everything right away! Don't leave cleaning up for later. If you spill something, wipe it up. Do not wait until liquid has dried or flowed into crates.

Make good use of your breaks

Are you waiting for the water to boil? Find something to clean or rinse your kitchen. You know, as soon as you dine, you have to deal with dirty dishes again.

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