Why baby cosmetics are not suitable for adults

If you decide to use baby cream because it contains less harmful substances, we hasten to stop you.

Indeed, there are fewer fragrances in baby care cosmetics, and most of the products in the children's line hypoallergenic. However, it is worth considering the difference between tough and adult skin to which this cosmetics is applied.

In children before puberty, the apocrine sweat glands do not function. The sebaceous glands are also weak. This means that children's skin is less protected from external influences: both cold and heat, sun, wind. Accordingly, the baby cream has a denser structure to protect the skin.

If applied to the face by an adult, the cream will clog pores and lead to inflammation and acne. Also, don't hope that baby shampoo will help your hair healthier. Since it is designed for the scalp, where the sebaceous glands almost do not work, it simply will not wash adult hair as well.

According to cosmetologists, from the children's line for adults, sun cream and a light body lotion are best suited.

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