How do manicurists work after quarantine

Finally, all this psychological and informational bacchanalia with elements of absurdity is coming to an end. Stores, salons, dental clinics, schools, etc. are gradually opening in all cities.

But you have to work differently than before. Already according to the new rules and requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

What has changed for the manicure masters?

In general, for those salons that adhered to all the norms of SES and SanPiN, essentially nothing has changed. They still keep journals, carry out wet cleaning, sterilize tools and carry out other safe manicure measures.

The only "innovation" is that they are accepted strictly by appointment, no more than 2-3 people (depending on the region).

Manicurists are obliged to observe all hygiene rules, to do their job as safely as possible for the client. If earlier it was more of a marketing component in nail service salons in order to attract customers who are concerned about their health, now these are basic requirements that are not surprise.

Pay attention to the dry heat used by the master. In the photo - GP-10, this is a good dry heat, and this should be in the office of a nail service master

If earlier it was considered a rule of good taste in a salon to open a package with tools in front of a client, now it is a basic duty. Sterility of instruments is not something that needs to be guaranteed to customers, it is an obligation. For example, have you ever seen in the advertising text of nail salons, where they boast that they bought a chair so that the client can sit while he is getting a manicure? Silly, isn't it? Now, boasting about the sterility of tools in advertising texts should cause similar bewilderment among everyone, because these are basic requirements for salons.

If there is no manicure vacuum cleaner in the salon, and instead of it, an ordinary towel is placed under the hands, then a new towel must be used for each client.

Because of self-isolation, all the trends for manicure "went astray". If, according to the classics, pastel and delicate shades were in fashion in spring, and neon shades were in fashion in summer, now, for example, neon "gouge out" shades are not yet relevant. The period of pastel varnishes did not really start because of the quarantine, they are mainly made.

And camouflage bases are also in trend. Because there is no certainty about tomorrow and no one knows whether a new stage of quarantine will begin or not. In the news several times a day they calm us down and sometimes frighten us with the virus. Therefore, so that the overgrown manicure is not too noticeable - clients ask for camouflage bases.

So do not be surprised if the work of a master with a camouflage base increases in price: demand is high and prices for bases have increased.

How are things in your city? Have you already got your nails done in the salon? Or are the clandestine services of craftsmen still relevant? Share your opinion in the comments.

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