Why our women don't want to look good at home

Not so long ago, on my channel there was an article with an analysis of the home wardrobe, which many women were very up against. As it turned out, they don't want to look beautiful at home. I will not give any assessments on this matter, whether it is good or bad, let each one decide this issue for herself. But if you are interested in the motivation to go home in washed bathrobes, stretched sweatpants and T-shirts that have long lost their appearance, I suggest you see what the women answered me.

In fact, it turned out very interesting, some points would never have crossed my mind. For this I love live communication and the response of the reader in the comments. Perhaps somewhere you recognize yourself. Or maybe you have a totally different view of this. In general, if anything - speak up, we will discuss!

Let your home relax!

This point sounds like a cry from the heart. In our time, a lot is heaped on fragile women's shoulders. The bosses demand to work better, more, more productively, to produce high results. But there are also mortgages, loans, they keep you in suspense and require you to spin like a squirrel in a wheel...

I got up at 6 in the morning (or rose again), fed the children to their morning capricious "I don't want", took one to the garden, the other to school, ran all in soap to work, received an assignment from her superiors to do the impossible, at lunchtime she calmed her friend Masha, went shopping in the evening, came home (or crawled). At home - lessons with a senior, cooking dinner, and I also want to pay attention to my husband. And what is the appearance here? What should I be there? Let your home relax!

Didn't even think

A shot from my yesterday's video about quarantine images with humor

Many women have never even thought about how they look at home. They are used to transferring T-shirts into their home wardrobe that can no longer be worn somewhere, buying familiar robes and wearing them for years until they wear out. Do not override the default home view.

Hearing that you need to look good at home, many simply brush it off, considering it nonsense and whim.

I'm tired of your fashion!

How do you like a pillow as a fashionable dress for spring / summer 2020?

From all irons they broadcast how a modern well-groomed woman should look like: to have her own style, to keep an eye on the relevance of her wardrobe. Have a basic wardrobe that gives you lots of outfit variations without spending too much money. Buy trendy trousers, moreover, such as to properly correct wide hips.

There are many advisors - this is the Internet, articles in magazines, and many programs on TV. And her friend Lena is fond of fashion and likes to criticize your wardrobe "for good". And then you hear that it is not fashionable to walk at home in lurid dressing gowns. A storm of protest is about to burst out of you. At home? Not fashionable? I wear what I want. I'm tired of your fashion!


Work home

For many, changing the scenery from "well-groomed beauty" to "last bum" is a great way to just relax. Feel that at home you can do whatever you want and look anyway, and no one will say a word. Especially when at work there is a strict dress code, where you need to look like a brand and so that not a single hair gets out of the hair. In this case, at home, you want to walk shaggy and in stretched pants, where your knees and butt hang down rather robustly. There is certainly a psychological moment in this, thus moral relaxation is achieved. And this is very important, to be able to relax and is not given to everyone.

I like to look good at home, although I sometimes turn on the homeless mode. And you?

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