How to send a resume by e-mail so that it read

Before you - a few simple and important rules to send resume via email to the letter is not lost and always have been considered.

Enter the email subject

Remember - for the subject field must be filled! Write in the subject line, for example: "Summary of the position of ..." or just write - "I SMM-specialist."

Fill in the body of the letter accompanying sheet

Send a blank email with an attached to it summary It has long been considered bad form. Be sure to write a cover letter, for example:

"Good day! Please consider me as a candidate for the vacant position of... and check out my resume as an attachment. Yours faithfully, ..."

How to send a resume by e-mail so that the read /

Do not overuse emoticons

Do not forget that the step of sending resume has business communication style. Therefore, we recommend to reserve smiles for friendly informal correspondences.

Properly attach the file to resume

If you forget to attach a file, it will make not the best impression. Be sure to check whether you are attached to the summary of other documents.

Call correct file, not just a "resume". It is better to provide your name and job title.

Submit a letter with a summary of the evening or in the morning

It is better to send a letter after 20:00 and 08:00. Statistics say that 40% of the letters written in the late evening or early morning, "punched" more often.

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