"Oh, you're an aunty here, and a girl here": illustrative examples of clothes that make you look older and those that make you younger

I have soft features, short hair and a purely Slavic appearance. I don't need to try hard to go retro - just put on a cute, colorful dress below the knee and put on pointed pumps. It turns out a kind of anti-life hack: how to throw yourself a couple of years.

But my task, as a stylist and as a young woman, is completely different: not to turn myself into an aunt after 35. “And the clock is ticking” - I often hear this phrase, inspiring hopelessness, in opposition to my attempts to deceive age. Let's see who wins ?!

Dangerous print

"Oh, you

Many will say in unison that of these two examples, spotted leo coloring is really dangerous. But no! All attention to the nondescript print on the left. Even in spite of the contrast - a scattering of white on a black background - in a company with an irrelevant cut (not to be confused with a shirt dress), a petticoat and different levels of length, the pattern looks modest as a teacher. A poorly fitted dress makes me look older.

The relaxed style does not emphasize the figure and makes my whole image somehow sluggish and dull. In an alternate example for the anti-aging effect, I added boldness with the print and played naughty with the volume of the sleeves. Well, the textured cut of the thing with straight lines and clear structures looks stylish and dynamic.

Bows and ruffles

In theory, a playful bow was supposed to add lightness to my image. But not in this case. I have written many times about the complex and characteristic organza blouse: even fashionable jeans could not balance its vintage nature. A white T-shirt and a checkered jacket are the easiest options to look younger and even somehow looser.

Takes as an age activator

The beret undermines the reputation of the youthful wardrobe, because in most cases it takes the image into retro. Here I deliberately dressed in the same retro style and I love the way I look. But if you compare the two options, then the second is more modern and effective, and I am a little more young in it.

If you consciously, like me, want to add some mystery along with the help of things covered with the "patina of time", I support you in this endeavor. But if they chose the image in order to be a seductive and daring lady, then they clearly missed. A beret in combination with a coat with raglan sleeves looks, of course, elegant, but this burgundy checkered story also adds to my age.

All attention is on top

Outerwear, I mean. A coat that is not matched to my size makes me bigger, and the inconceivable dyed fur on my face... no, it does not add gloss to me, on the contrary, it makes the whole image cheaper. But the straight mile-length black coat is one of the favorites in the wardrobe. If only because it goes well with a bright leather skirt. As such, I feel light, playful, confident and... ten years younger. This means that the effect has been achieved!

If age suddenly starts working ahead of the curve, I advise you to study the examples above (I specifically offer two options for comparison) and change. In a "rejuvenating" outfit, of course.

Do you have secrets that help outwit the passport age? Share!

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Sincerely, Oksana

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