7 foods that can be eaten after expiry date

As soon as the label coming out the expiration date, you will immediately carry the product to the bin?

Perhaps you are in a hurry. As it turned out, not all products, The shelf life has expired, should be immediately discarded. Some still can serve you for a delicious breakfast or a nutritious breakfast.


the shelf life of bread is calculated taking into account the fact that you will keep it on the table. When exposed to sunlight thereon is formed mold. But the bread in the refrigerator may lie up to two weeks.


Yogurt you can feel free to eat for two weeks after the date printed on the package. But only on condition that he was not open, or is in a sealed container.


Provided that the chocolate is stored in a dark place, the restrictions on its shelf life is not. Occasionally on chocolate begins to form a white film, which is caused by the fact that the sugar crystallises. But this film is absolutely safe. So you can easily have your favorite sweet.

hard cheeses

Mold is dangerous only for soft cheeses such as brie or cottage cheese. But in hard type it can not penetrate. If the surface of hard cheese, such as parmesan or cheddar, there was mold, you can cut it and quietly consume the product.


You'd be surprised, but the pasta really is missing a shelf life. In fact, you can use them until such time as they do not run out.


For several months, cookies can be eaten after the expiration date without harm to health. The only negative - it may lose its crunch. But here is the solution of the question: you can warm them in the microwave or in a preheated oven for 40 seconds.


Milk is harmless to health for about a week after the expiry date. Unless there was a peculiar smell, it can be drunk.


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