How better to discuss salary during the interview

Who should start talking about wages

Start off interview with the question of wages can not be anyone, you must first be interested in their employer's professional qualities. If you feel that at the end of a conversation you are interested in employer, Do not ask yourself about the amount salary. This way you do not show yourself in the best light.

You will ask about salary expectations.

If you see that the interviewer is not particularly interested in such questions, then you should ask.

How to ask about the level of salaries

It does not need to ask:

  • "And how many will pay?"
  • "Che do you suggest?"
  • "And what is income?"

How to ask:

Refer to the employer and ask politely what the motivation system is provided for a person on the position for which you are applying. So you will not alienate yourself from the employer, and you are sure to learn about the bonus program, salary, etc.

How better to discuss salary during the interview /

To reply to a desired level of wages

Do not overstate or understate

If you are too over or underreported salary expectations, you can put an end to a successful interview.

Psychologists recommend to call employer the figure is 10-20% higher than that for which you really want.

If it is not written in the job salary

look for similar vacancies indicating salary and evaluate your future income level.

If you are offered s / n, which you do not agree

You should discuss with your employer options. You can not settle for the highest salary, but to clarify that in the future you will show their skills and increase the company's revenue.

This variant will love employer.

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