Trendy haircuts that save you time in 2020

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As you remember, in the previous article i told you about incredibly beautiful and fashionable haircuts for adult women for spring and summer 2020. You can get acquainted with them by going toby this link.

And today I will tell you about fashionable haircuts that save you time, since they do not need complex styling.

More and more haircuts are gaining popularity this year. And especially popular in 2020 recognized haircuts without bangs, and it is about them that I will tell you today.

1. Mallet's haircut that burst into us from the 70s. This is a haircut for brave and even daring girls; it simply amazes with its attractiveness. The peculiarity of this haircut is short top strands, lack of a smooth transition and long bottom strands. Agree, bold and original.

2. Long Bob that does not leave popularity ratings. This is a versatile haircut that is easy to apply on hair of any structure and length.

This hairstyle looks very interesting with a straight cut, without bangs. This hairstyle is easy to style, while you can make both a romantic look, slightly curling the strands, and a stylish business, straightening your hair with an iron.

Also popular this year is the Bob haircut with torn strands. This hairstyle will help create a modern, stylish and sexy look, as well as give your hair significant volume.

3. Shaggy's Incredibly Cool Haircut. This haircut is suitable for women who want to show their lightness, freedom and stylish fashionable negligence.

The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that the strands of hair are cut in such a way that they naturally stick out, creating an attractive rebellious look.

This haircut will be a salvation for mature ladies, because the technique of its execution will allow you to hide age-related changes on your face, as well as rejuvenate and give a special charm to your image.

4. Haircuts with asymmetry will be no less popular.. The peculiarity of these haircuts is the different length of hair, one side is longer than the other. A haircut like this will add creativity to your look and highlight your personality.

What haircuts did you like? Share with us in the comments!

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