What did Nurbanu ask from Selim for the birth of Shahzadeh

Once in the palace as a slave, Nurbanu did not want to take the blows of fate. She is from a noble Venetian family, she should not become a servant overnight.

Nurbanu had a special perseverance and proud character, which helped her to go with Shahzade Selim to Manisa as a concubine. True, for this she must unquestioningly carry out all the orders of the lady - Khyurrem - the Sultan.

Nurbanu made no small effort to get into the chambers of the shahzade, and later to take a special place in his heart.

The concubine fell in love with Selim and tried to help him in every way, sometimes without his knowledge. But, she was pretty jealous.

Despite the centuries-old traditions, Nurbanu did not allow any concubine to enter the shahzadeh's chambers, and if this happened, she made a scandal.

Having learned about her pregnancy, Nurbanu knew for sure that shahzadeh would be born - the stars told her about it. And she was not mistaken.

Entering Selim's chambers and seeing a concubine in his bed, Nurbanu again made a scandal, and at that moment she began to have contractions.

Everything worked out, and Nurbanu gave birth to a healthy boy.

When she regained consciousness, Selem said to the concubine:

- For shahzade, ask me for whatever you want.

Usually harem women in such situations say:

- In - shala, you are near, what else can I wish!

But, Nurbanu was not like everyone else, and said:

- No more women!

Selim promised to be faithful, but he just could not keep his promise. He soon entered into an affair with a married woman.

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