What you need to know about the interview after the decree

In order to adapt to work after maternity leave has passed quickly, it is important to note the following.

Lower the stories about the child

Yes, your child is the most talented and very special, but it is not worth talking about his Chad on interviewIf you do not ask about it.


Before going to work, take a few weeks trying to find and explore information about iconic events, new products and trends in your professional environment.

Communicate with colleagues

If you return to the former place of work, talk to colleaguesand who has worked with you and with whom you keep in touch. Can you, this information is not useful to interviewBut you will feel more confident.

What you need to know about the interview after the decree / pixabay.com

Think about who you can insure

You are going to ask about who you can insure and help, when an urgent need to take the child or when the child is ill. You must pre-notify their relatives, babysitters and neighbors, and his confident response to reassure employer.

Tell us about your work at the time of the decree

The employer needs to know about the skills that you have acquired during decree. If you were to self-development free time or part time - be sure to tell us about it in the interview.

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