Why you can't insult loved ones

To insult people, especially your loved ones, is very ugly and low. Even in ancient times it was said that insulting parents is tantamount to insulting the saints, that the mother is a holy woman to whom we owe, that the father gave us life, and we have no right to condemn him. Yes, this is from the point of view of morality, but there is another interesting version, which gives a clear indication of our insult to this or that loved one.

Why can't you insult your mother?

Mother is the woman who gave you life. She carried you in the womb for a long 9 months, depriving herself of the blessings of life, sacrificing her health. She was able to give you life, and even if she does wrong, she could not give you as much as you would like, you have no right to insult, condemn and criticize her. Anyone who judges his mother loses peace, strength, and restful sleep. A young man who hates his mother runs the risk of never getting a good spouse, just as a girl who criticizes her father will never meet a good man.

Why can't you judge your father?

If you criticize the father, then the person will have great difficulties in achieving certain heights in society. The father may be fallen, a drug addict, an alcoholic, but he still cannot be considered bad. You have no right to condemn him! Insulting the father leads to intractable illnesses, financial difficulties, and decreased immunity. The father cannot be condemned, even if he leads an asocial life. Remember, the soul does not choose its father. The soul "goes" to a certain family, because it has a similar meaning of life, a similar taste for happiness and a similar fate.

Why can't you criticize your own grandparents?

Not everyone is lucky, because not everyone has grandparents. Yes, even if they are alive, many grandchildren are not happy that the old people spend little time with them, do not give money, don’t give gifts or require attention. In no case should you criticize your grandfathers and grandmothers. We do not know what they had to go through in life, we have no idea how hard it was for them. And in general you can not criticize anyone who is much older than us!

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Why can't you criticize your teacher?

A teacher is a person who gives us knowledge, shares his experience. By criticizing him, we question all his skills accumulated over the years, we insult him, we do not trust him, we do not respect him. Our parents are the same teachers. Therefore, by criticizing them, we actually put ourselves in a hopeless situation in life. You need to stop doing this, otherwise you will have huge problems. Because without paying attention to these issues, people are doing a lot of stupid things.

How to deal with “bad” friends and comrades?

If you insulted your peers, that is, your friends who do not behave very well, then at least mentally ask them for forgiveness, and behave with them when you meet them. If your friends are good people, then ask for forgiveness out loud. There is no need to be shy or afraid. Insulting one's peers is also equated with a sinful act.

Ask for forgiveness!

If you had the imprudence to speak out negatively about your older relatives, then ask forgiveness, until you ruin your relationship with them in the end, and put an end to your future fate. Even if your family members are antisocial, ask them for forgiveness at least in your mind, and no longer judge. If you already have no one to ask for forgiveness, then pray and ask for forgiveness from everyone!

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