The most unpredictable women by zodiac sign - it's sweet with them, but very difficult

Astrologers single out women born under certain signs of the zodiac as the most unpredictable of the entire zodiac constellation. Today they are affable and flirtatious, and tomorrow they become suddenly strict or windy, demanding submission to themselves, and even a little rude. Probably, they can be called bitches, but bitches are the sweetest and juiciest fruit for men!

You can never predict in advance how a woman will behave in the next moment, how she will react to this or that news, how it will behave to this or that phrase, act of a man, or, on the contrary, inaction. Living with such an unpredictable woman is tantamount to being next to a powder keg. You never know if it will explode the next minute.

Well, dear men, astrologers open cards for you. That's who I'm talking about!


Incredibly sociable, bright, versatile Gemini women at first glance seem playful and understandable to men. But, this is deceiving. Gemini at times become very unpredictable, windy, and sometimes they themselves do not understand what they are doing! A Gemini woman can suddenly jump off the spot, change her plans, change her mind. She can tell you today about her love for classical music, and tomorrow listen to rock, today she will be dressed in a delicate airy outfit, and tomorrow you will celebrate her sex appeal in a frank outfit. A real mystery woman is definitely about Gemini.


To fully understand a Cancer woman, it is worth living side by side with her for at least a couple of years. Her mood changes very quickly and shakes her from side to side emotionally. You can compare her condition with the manifestation of hysteria. She is so cheerful, good-natured, just the soul of the company, but suddenly it is not clear what is happening, and Rachikha becomes touchy, whiny and sad. But her man has to think, what did he do that his beloved became dull and withdrawn.

a lion

A bright, passionate and temperamental Leo woman loves herself, knows her worth, and she always feels like the mistress of the situation. She should be the most important in the company of people, and if someone tries to take the palm from her, she will turn into a true Lioness, sweeping away everything in her path! The Leo woman absolutely does not care who "commands the parade", she should always come first, period! If your beloved is a Lioness, try to always recognize her primacy, never put her other women as an example, and do not even try to admire the achievements of other ladies - it will bite you, and will blink!


A pretty and charming-looking Scorpio woman, not so calm and charming on the inside and in character, as it seems in appearance. She will not speak in person to the person that he is unpleasant to her, but she will certainly remember any dirty trick and insult, and will add the offender to the black list. Vindictiveness, rancor, anger - all of this will certainly fall upon you, but a little later, when you relax. At one fine moment, a flurry of various emotions is waiting for you, similar to a true hurricane.


Aquarius is the main opponent of any restrictions and prohibitions. And do not try to limit it, and report to you on every step you take. The Aquarius woman will listen to you attentively, perhaps agree with you, but still then she will do as she wants. Monotony and routine are not for her, so she will always break the measured rhythm of life. And in its unpredictability, it ranks second!


In appearance, the Pisces woman is a sweet and shy adorable. And she can be under such a mask for a very long time, certainly throughout the entire candy-bouquet period. Well, over time, all cuteness will evaporate, and Rybka will turn from a harmless cutie into an uncompromising, strict and demanding one. In public, she will still be a meek lamb, but at home she will command all family members.

Unpredictable, but so alluring! Be careful with them, dear men!

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