Itching why the whole body itches?

Even the word "itch" is among those who met him, the most unpleasant feelings. And what to say about the real feelings?!

So what is it - itching, and why people have to suffer? Let's investigate.

As itch?

The man across the skin are "scattered" the nerves and the spinal cord they signal the brain the head of the stimulus. And he has promoted the reaction with which any one of us is extremely difficult to fight.

We pruritus, besides obvious reasons type of psoriasis, chickenpox, eczema and others like them, can be due to an internal, non-skin disorders as such. What are these reasons? We call 6, the most common:

1. Psychological disorders

It has long been known that mental health has a direct impact on his mental condition. So it is quite a real itchy skin can also cause stress and depression (especially prolonged), and phobias and psychosis, and other disorders. And when so itchy, it seems as if the skin someone continuously crawls.

In this case, the need to work with a psychologist.

2. High blood glucose

If it often itchy genitals. A consequence of neuropathy is itchy scalp. Diabetes, in principle, makes violation in the function of the endocrine system. As a result of the hormonal deficiency leads to distraction, weakness and itching all over the body.

3. Diseases of the liver and biliary tract

Every fourth patient suffering from jaundice, itchy skin occurs due to cholestasis. This same feature is available and for chronic hepatitis and hepatic cirrhosis. In general, an itch - one of the first signals, speaking about the problems with the liver.

4. excessive sweating

Sweating causes localized itching in areas where formed. A person suffering from giperpotlivosti, we must often take a shower, use deodorant, wearing underwear and clothing made of natural fabrics. The problem can be solved by referring to the therapist or to an endocrinologist.

5. Avitaminosis

Our skin requires not only a beauty treatment, but also vitamins, affecting its general condition. When vitamin deficiency is dry and itchy, and even scaly. And blame for this deficiency of vitamins A, B, C, D, as well as zinc and iron.

6. Bacteria, viruses, parasites

The reason for this itching may be:

- intestinal worms (helminths his cause, and itching in the anus) caused by non-compliance with the rules of hygiene (dirty hands, eating unwashed vegetables / fruits, as well as tap water);

- Herpes (genital and simple, herpes zoster), which is manifested rash on the mucous membrane, the skin;

- folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle) related to poor personal hygiene, excessive sweating, as well as with constant strong skin rubbing against clothing.

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