Burrs: if they are, what is lacking in the body?

Burrs - a problem familiar to both adults and children. What are they are known to everyone - an abscess or peeling of the skin next to the nail plate. And in order to prevent the occurrence of these unpleasant and unsightly appearance of micro traumas, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause.

From which arise burrs?

Such skin exfoliation are due to:

- the habit of biting his nails;

- improper care for your hands;

- frequent contact of the hands with water and chemicals.

However, as the main causes of the burrs should be called irregularities in the digestive tract and the endocrine system of the body, problems with the exchange of substances, as well as vitamin deficiency.

burr formation can also occur due to ascorbic vitamin deficiencies. In this case, problems are supplemented by cracking / flaking of the skin in different places.

How to get rid of the problem?

Such skin exfoliation on the fingers around the nail plate may eliminate and prevent, if we define for sure what it lacks vitamins body. Most often, in this case we are talking about the deficit:

- vitamin P (rutin), responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels and skin;

- vitamin E (tocopherol), which enhances the protective properties of skin;

- vitamin A (retinol) promoting regeneration of damaged cells;

- vitamin H (biotin), which supports the optimum moisture content of the epidermis;

- vitamin B5 (d-panthenol), promoting moisture, recovery and the skin elasticity.

What to consider in the diet and not only

In order to get rid of burrs, doctors recommend to include in its permanent diet:

- liver (chicken, beef, pork);

- cottage cheese;

- low-fat cheese;

- red meat (beef);

- butter;

- carrot;

- sea fish;

- broccoli and cauliflower;

- sea kale;

- eggs (chicken and quail);

- vegetable oil (refined);

- citrus fruit;

- apples;

- tomatoes;

- garlic.

Forming the menu, should take into consideration the disease. If health does not allow to use products containing the above vitamins, they should be replaced by the corresponding pharmaceutical compositions.

To prevent and eliminate beriberi can also use a variety of wraps, masks, hand creams. A still necessary to use gloves when handling with household chemicals.

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