Spring cold will not pass!

Once again, spring... Most Russian cold regions still hold, and many around, trying to get dressed "spring-like" and remove the cap, coughed and zachihal. But do not succumb to the general "mood"! Even doctors who are far from alternative medicine believe that in order to cope with a light malaise, the average person is enough a couple of days and more effective "people" recipes:

1. If you get up in the morning and found nasal or, conversely, heavy nasal discharge, then you have to fight the first signs of a cold. Every half hour must be instilled with saline solution consisting of a teaspoon of salt diluted in one liter of boiled water at room temperature with the addition of iodine droplets. Dosage: Take 3 drops in each nostril for the procedure. swelling of the nose and helps relieve a special breathing exercises. Need to breathe, and then make a quick four breaths nose, followed - just as quickly - four expiratory mouth. Exercise should be repeated at least 5 times in one 'approach. " You can additionally drip any natural essential oil (1-2 drops), or fish oil in the same amount.

2. If the sore throat is scratchy, doctors recommend rinsing every hour solution furatsilina or sage broth. After each procedure, you can not have anything to drink for half an hour. And every two hours it is necessary to dissolve half a teaspoon of honey, because this natural sweetness is quite effective against germs. Remove cough and concoctions help of ready-thoracic fees, are sold in pharmacies.

3. To strengthen the immune system, it is necessary to regularly take medicinal tincture - Ginseng, Schisandra and Eleutherococcus. One must also keep the room temperature above 25 degrees Celsius, as a warm atmosphere is not helps to eliminate germs from the nose and bronchi - just highlight all dry up!

Of the "people's" absolutely not a cold:

1. Trying to reduce the body temperature by means of ice or cold packs. In addition, you get a "bonus" to the heat even and vasospasm!

2. Instilled into the nose onion juice, which simply burns mucosa!

3. Eyedrops, constricts blood vessels, - they will break the separation of slime!

4. Inhalations of hot potatoes or herbal infusion - it can cause severe burns of the respiratory tract.

5. Gargle solutions of strong soda, iodine and salts - as in high concentrations, these products may erode the fabric.

6. Take right at the beginning of the disease medicated drugs that suppress the cough. This will lead to the accumulation of mucus in the bronchi directly.

If after two days your condition is not normal, and only became worse - always call the local doctor on the house! Further self can lead to complications, including serious.

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