Lose weight quickly and correctly: 8 habits to help you do it

Everyone knows that to lose weight quickly, but not for long, allow stringent diet. But what such "swing": today I complete - thin tomorrow - and the next day again full? This health impact, and in the mood.

And yet, to lose weight quickly and permanently allows a certain attitude to certain things. And this attitude is not difficult to generate, and perhaps for a short enough time. So do not believe those who say that "change lifestyle is very difficult, almost impossible." Even as possible! Just try it:

1. Drinking fasting glass of water at room temperature. This should be done immediately after the morning awakening. Then the process of metabolism is activated gently in the body and the digestive tract properly preparing for eating.

2. breakfast necessarily. It said a thousand times that it is breakfast is the main meal of the day. And to miss it, if you think about the beauty of the figure, it is simply unacceptable. In the morning, hungry for the night the body does not receive food, he "jitters" and eaten all day just to postpone "in reserve" - ​​into fat.

3. There gradually every 3-4 hours. The feeling of hunger - this is the main enemy slim figure. It is important to avoid. And the three "traditional" meals per day for this is clearly not enough. So it should increase it to 6 - that is, there need every 3-4 hours.

4. Control the use of salt, because it is - the main enemy of the second harmony (after starvation). Salt retains water in the body to provoke increased appetite.

5. Do not put any sugar in your tea or coffee. Get used to it quickly turns out almost everyone. And after some time people do not even remember the sweet, pouring a drink. Otherwise, you will cover all the possible "sugar" norm, and therefore provoke the emergence of excess weight.

6. Take food from home to work. How do you know of what and how much calories cooked food in the cafe or restaurant where dinner? A home cook what you want - delicious, healthy dishes with few calories.

7. Constantly have on hand a useful snack. Fruit or berries. Perhaps nut mix or milk products. Then just do not pull on the high-calorie burger or candy bar when suddenly hungry.

8. First, drink, and only then eat. People sometimes confuse thirst and hunger. Drink a glass of water at room temperature. If after 10 minutes there was still want to, then you are really hungry. But now eat less. Or maybe just be thirsty, and you would have gorged on unnecessarily.

That's all. It is feeding behavior burdensome allow you to monitor the status of his own body.

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