Stress: how to get out of the situation with minimal losses?

To a lot of stress does not destroy the mind and did not affect negatively health, psychologists advise to prepare for it in advance. Set yourself in a positive way, and any shock to learn to perceive as a learning experience, the destiny to realize something important, particularly valuable.

If stress still occurred, you should immediately mobilize and act on previously learned rules:

1. Cry uttered and close, perhaps even yell.

2. Do not try to imagine that "it would be." Everything has already happened, how it happened, it happened.

3. Forgive the one who is to blame. This paragraph is the most important, and it also causes a storm of emotions and rejection among the victims. Them (emotions) we must try to overcome, come what may. There are plenty of techniques for psychological, can also refer to the ministers of the church.

4. Start thinking about it myself, to regret, to praise, appreciation, etc. In the end, go out and buy a gift: a thing or a ticket for a fascinating trip ticket. Suit also chat with a girlfriend at the best restaurant, etc. All this helps to escape, which is very important in this state.

5. Take another look at what happened - to try to see and appreciate the whole picture. However, feelings can cover again. But do not resist and do not worry - these emotions are much weaker than the primary and can not bring the harm that has already happened.

6. Continually inspire themselves (perhaps even violently, repeating like a mantra), that human life is a sine wave, so any bed is the way to the top. Nature keeps the balance - it is impossible to live permanently in the summer, ever come and the winter and vice versa.

7. As a result of stress in a person released a huge amount of energy. It should be sent to the creative direction - to go into work, begin to learn, get a hobby, which was not there before, etc.

8. And do not be shy to ask for help. Let you will have a mentor "for life", providing spiritual and moral support. This may be one of the native people, and can be a complete stranger, but very, very useful for you in the present state, but also in the future.

Proceed without departing, and not giving up, that we have to wait for the result too long. Rest assured that very soon life will sparkle with new colors and absolutely become much easier.

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