Not inside, but outwardly 7 brilliant life hacking of sugar

White sugar can solve so many everyday problems and even help in the country!

When you burn the language

If you accidentally swallowed the hot tea or overdone with spices, rassosite mouth a pinch of sugar. Burning decrease.

Insect bites

Mix sugar and water in equal parts and apply the solution to the bite. Keep about 20 minutes. Sugar with water reduces the pain of bites various insects - bees and wasps as well.

To get rid of hiccups

If you have the hiccups, eat a spoonful of sugar.

Extend the life of flowers

If you want your bouquet staid longer put it in vinegar solution (2 teaspoons per gallon of water) and sugar (3 teaspoons)

Do not forget to change the water every day.

Remove stains from grass

Mix sugar with water (until a paste). Apply to the stain on the grass and leave for 2 hours, and after - wash your clothes in the usual way.

To protect cheese from mold

The container, which houses the cheese, put a piece of sugar. So you protect the cheese from the staling and white mold.

To prolong the shelf life of pastries

The container that holds the bread put some refined cubes. Do not worry now bakery products will long remain fresh and soft.

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