Melanoma: how to avoid danger?

Melanoma skin cancer are called tumor that develops from melanocytes - pigment cells that produce melanin malignant. Such localized tumor most often it is on the skin, at least - on the retina, as well as on the mucosa (mouth, lips, genitals, rectum).

This is one of the most common and rapidly progressing cancer, characterized by metastases to all organs, as well as a weak response of the human body on it.

The climate is not suitable for health

Did you know that the ozone words of our planet is decreasing every year? Think about the fact that today ultraviolet lychee overtake each virtually unchecked? And rains less. So people breathe dust, including radioactive, because everywhere built near the test sites, are learning and being tested.

To protect against skin cancer by natural means possible except in the far north. But those who live to the south, in the summer it is not necessary to strip to their underwear and swimsuits, but rather, on the contrary, cover the skin to the maximum. And it's not a joke. In Russia, each year, about 11,000 new cases of melanoma, and 10% of these patients, unfortunately, doomed.

Meanwhile, there are a few simple rules, following which can at times reduce the risk of this dangerous disease of cancer. What kind? Let's investigate.

1. Not later than 10 am

Of course, to hide from the sun at all - it's overkill. It is dosed even useful. In general, we must try to visit in the street in an open dress before 10 am. Here is a walk is improving.

2. Required sunscreen

If you spend time in the sun after 10 o'clock in the morning, be sure to put on your face and body sun protection with the necessary degree of protection from UV rays. Such lotions and emulsions used in the summer, should have at least 50 protection units. And in the off-season will suffice preparations 20 or 30 units.

3. a refreshing shower

It should be taken in the morning and evening. Thus soap or detergent gels should be used no more than twice a week, since such funds are highly dried skin. But moisturizers should be applied after each rinse. Groomed skin will not get any diaper rash, cracks or irritation. So as a precursor of cancer in the skin can penetrate no infection.

4. oil perfume

Be sure to pay attention to, what exactly do you use in the bathroom: some soap and some deodorant? Neither one nor the other should not smell strongly and be too bright color. The deodorant composition can not be alumina, and the perfume oil is better to choose (and hence without alcohol). The same applies to all household chemicals.

5. Skills Training

Help yourself to time in matters of serious illness can only the man himself. In the case of melanoma fairly regularly examine themselves on all sides before a large mirror. It should look at: whether existing moles increased, if they lost their contours and did not change whether its original color? At the slightest suspicion / fear you should immediately consult a doctor.

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