"4 palm" or how to lose weight more than 30 kg per year

You remember that to lose weight you need to correct - so as not to immediately dial twice that dropped, and not undermine your health? Therefore, 30 kg of excess weight of the past year - and that's a lot right. Moreover, that particular strain will not have for a similar effect. After all, there is a very comfortable diet "4 hands". Want to know more? Let's investigate.

This interesting diet was invented by a young mom, which during pregnancy and lactation has recovered to 100 "with a tail" kilograms. The woman decided to improve the situation, but not by means of rigid diets and eating correctly. And it turned out that losing weight can be serious without a harm and stress to the body.

Best menu to get rid of extra pounds - a balanced menu. It certainly. So what is the essence of the "4 hands"? The fact that each meal is measured palms. In the first 2 palms are placed with a slide vegetables (fresh, cooked or baked), lettuce, parsley. And the third is necessary to put her palm cereals garnish, boiled on the water - buckwheat, rice, Pshenko. The fourth hand is designed for protein products: boiled meat, poultry, fish. Vegetarians withdrawn under the palm or bean curd.

One of the basic principles of this diet - every meal consists of 4 hands. No more, no less. Thus it is possible to increase the number of green vegetables, cereals or reducing the amount of proteins. Similarly, you can increase and a portion of meat / fish, "cut" the amount of cereals component of the diet. However, there is one restriction: you can not reduce the amount of vegetables, only to increase. That is, for every meal you should get at least two palm fruits / green.

In addition, this diet requires a lot of water. Should drink at least 1.5-2 liters daily. However, in the same amount included coffee / tea, but without sugar, as well as all sorts of herbal teas (unless contraindicated).

Suitable for snacking seeds and nuts, as well as quite a bit of low-fat cheese.

Nutritionists confirm that on this diet it is possible to lose weight and up to 40 kg per year. And lose weight properly, without harm to their health. Because of this menu only benefit the body.

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