Influenza virus type B Phuket features and symptoms in the current year

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory virus. It is most common in the fall and winter months. Usually, it spreads through droplets of saliva or mucus, when a person with the flu coughs or sneezes. family of viruses, which is a part of the flu, is very large. You may have heard that there are different types of influenza viruses: in particular - A, B, C and D.

Influenza A and B - are two types of flu that cause infection epidemic season almost every year. Influenza A affects many species of living beings, including humans, birds and pigs. Due to the breadth of potential hosts and the ability to genetically altered in a short time, influenza A viruses are very diverse. They are able to cause a pandemic. This occurs when there is a virus that differs significantly from circulating strains of influenza A. Influenza B is usually found only in humans.

Especially influenza B

Unlike influenza A, influenza B is not further divided into subtypes. But it can be broken down further into specific lines and virus strains. In particular, this season is expected the development of influenza type B Phuket.

According to WHO estimates, the proportion of influenza A infections account for 75% of confirmed seasonal influenza infections in general. influenza B infection comprise the remaining 25%. The emergence of influenza infections in could increase at the end of the flu season. It happened in the season 2017-2018 gg. And influenza A, influenza B and is extremely contagious. People infected with any type of virus can transmit the virus to others at a distance of 1 meter when they cough or sneeze. You can also get the virus by touching a surface on which the virus, and then touching your nose or mouth.

Features of treatment of influenza type B Phuket

Treatment of influenza infection the same way, no matter what type you are facing. Unfortunately, there is no effective drug that can kill the virus. Treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms as long as the body clears the virus naturally. Antiviral drugs can reduce the duration of your illness, and reduce your symptoms. Common antiviral drugs include:

zanamivir (Relenza);

oseltamivir (Tamiflu).

These antiviral medications are most effective when administered within the first 48 hours after your illness.

Medications nonprescription can take to relieve nasal congestion, fever and pain. Plenty of rest, and sticking to a healthy diet by eating plenty of fluids, you are also helping the body to fight the virus.

The severity and recovery

Uncomplicated infection caused by influenza B, can trigger symptoms that last for about a week. Some people may still feel tired or coughing for two weeks. In the past it was believed that infection with influenza A was more severe than infection with influenza B. However, a study conducted in 2015 among adults with influenza A and influenza B, showed that they both lead to the same indicators of morbidity and mortality.

In addition, the Canadian study, studied children 16 years and younger, influenza B infection was associated with a higher risk of mortality than influenza A.

The seasonal flu vaccine is being developed for many months before the influenza season. Viruses selected for the vaccine, determined after studies evaluating which strains are most likely. This year's vaccine is tetravalent, including influenza type B Phuket.

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