Why mature women do not go long hair (photo)

It is rare to meet a woman in a respectable age with long hair. With what it is connected? It is worth examining the reasons why women in the age do not go with long hair.


As you know, over the years in a woman's body begins to stand out less and less of the hormone that is responsible for hair growth. Therefore, they quickly become very fragile, delicate, rare and constantly break down. Natural processes can not be wrapped. But the myth about the fact that it was improper to have long hair mature women can be considered incorrect.

Simply the years hair loses its presentable appearance and requires good care. But to take care of long strands is not so easy. They can not always be put in the proper form. Here is a woman and you have to give preference to shorter haircuts that do not require special care.

Do not take public opinion on this matter to heart. Before defining a long hairstyle, it is necessary to take into account your type of person and other external parameters. After all, there are women who did not go short haircuts. Because of this, they are forced to stop for a haircut with an average length.


It has long been believed that long braid sign of true youth. Tens of years ago, a young girl was improper to go with short locks. They lay their strength and beauty. But mature woman clipped her long braid farewell to youth.

Therefore, this conviction has come to us from ancient times. Mature ladies of the highest circles of society have always preferred short hair. They looked very aristocratic and respectable.

In this way the women showed their high social status and a great experience. While a mature woman with long hair could produce a real sensation, but it would be no one took seriously. It should be noted that in those days was to take care of hair is difficult. That is groomed locks hidden behind huge wigs or hats. Therefore, when the hair starts to grow old ladies simply cut them.

But now committed another situation. Women have a lot of hair care products. Gray hair can be put in order because of the good paint. Fragile strands to easily laminate of a good barber, giving them a healthy appearance. And all sorts of masks will help make your hair silky and soft. Therefore, in mature women have the opportunity to take care of long strands, instead of shear.

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