What procedures before the summer, it is necessary to make every girl

Hello, my dear readers! Until the summer would stay two weeks, it's time to take care of his beloved, and start making those procedures make us fly to the beautiful, fresh, healthy and luxurious compared to other people in the park, a town on the beach :-)

Workout - this is only one-third of cases. Yes, and you can do without them: the body to prepare for the summer, you can, but then many suffer from dehydrated skin and loss of collagen.

Today we talk about the beauty treatments that work on our skin and the appearance of a whole, doing our summer memorable. Because in the summer the spotlight will ourselves ;-)

1. Summer Skin Care: biorevitalization and mesotherapy

Estheticians so stuffed his hand with these procedures, if earlier they seemed accessible only wealthy girls, but today it can even afford students with their scholarships.

Mesotherapy, I do believe a breakthrough in cosmetology and beauty industry as a whole. It strengthens the antioxidant defense (and in the summer it is oh, how important!), Improves blood circulation in the skin, it deeply moisturizes and promotes regeneration of skin cells. In general, 4-5 of such procedures - and we are all summer will look fresh and juicy!

Biorevitalization does not hurt: minerals, vitamins and gialuronka in the skin are not redundant!

2. body Scrub

Summer must meet with new and clean skin. No chapped skin! Peeling can be done at home (coffee - the best option), or in a beauty salon, where in addition to peeling can be more flavor wrap or a massage.

3. Vacuum roller massage

Visible cellulite we need in the summer? Not. Tugor improve and tighten the skin by the summer we want? Of course we want. So there is still time for 10 sessions of vacuum-roller massage that breaks up cellulite, It improves the quality of the skin and restore a dull-looking "ass" in place, as it should be, as pictures :-)

On the whole thing - 3 weeks, still need time to visit a massage therapist, and the result may not justify itself in two days.

4. Face cleaning

So, no scrubs with abrasive particles such as clean lines. Especially if you are over 30. Try Korean peeling bedroll. It is a pleasant thing it wants to do on yourself again and again. About one of peeling skatok I have already written a review. you can read here.

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I wish you all a good day! The weather today happy :-)

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