What helps me to strengthen hair and get rid of their loss

"Down with the Fix-Price, you give quality cosmetics!"

It is in this vein that I have recently been contacted for comments, when I conducted an experiment and tested cosmetics from the network of shops. After all, half of beauty bloggers in the Zen literally obsessed with the findings of the Fixed-Price (Only some do not that tried to imagine these "findings", and even take photos with online stores and nothing in fact did not buy).

Let us leave these same nahodochki of Fixiki on the conscience of the authors, along with camphor and yeast, and go to the normal cosmetics. Which I use. Which is not always the budget, and for the most part - a professional.

Today's review dedicate shampoo hair loss Scalp Comfort Greek company Farcom, from professional Seri line.

Already lost count of what a bottle, but this shampoo is always there on my shelf. Two years ago, he helped me a great deal of seasonal hair loss (every autumn and spring I have been suffering from this disease). Now I use it once a week or two for prevention. And, by the way, is the only shampoo that is at all employees of our company.

Not to be confused with seasonal hair loss is alopecia. By trichologist run when there are pockets of baldness or hair fall out too intensely (this is when many hands through his hair or wire - still capture with a few hairs). In all other cases you can use normal shampoo, mask, or wait until the pass itself. Believe me, you will say the same thing trichologist, because I bring the words of his specialist :-)

The composition of the shampoo is very steep:

1) lactitol - prebiotic synthesis of lactose, well normalizes the sebaceous glands, creates a favorable environment for the beneficial microflora of the skin, it stimulates cell division and improves skin hydration head;

2) pro-vitamin B5, and as we know - is one of the most important and essential vitamins for our hair;

3) vitamin PP, and in a simple way - niacin, which knows probably every girl, because at one time it was very popular in the fight against hair loss;

4) biotin, or vitamin B7 - strengthens the hair, preventing hair loss.

If someone important - no parabens in the composition, but also to the naturalness, of course, far from the composition. Many shampoos, I have been itching, but this - one of the few that does not cause I have absolutely no negative reaction on the scalp.

The manufacturer advises to great effect to use vials from the same line. In package 12 vials of 10 ml.

Rub the contents of capsules you need every day to the scalp. I rubbed the evening, one ampoule me enough for 3-4 applications.

But I confess frankly that only use 2 ampoules, and safely forget about the rest, so about the result I will not say. I shampoo effect was sufficient.

Again, I have seasonal hair loss, and vials - it's heavy artillery, the whole hair therapy. Ampoule care is undergoing a course of 3 months. Someone even begins to see the amount of one month. I can tell you exactly what to ampoules already have regular customers who are not the first nor the second time to buy them for the past year and a half. Dummy second person does not buy it.

This is not advertising, but my personal experience and my opinion on these products. Maybe for someone this information would be useful.

Where do you buy it? Look Farcom representative in the city or on the shelves profkosmetiki salons. On Wildberries, unfortunately, only the ampoule, shampoos disperse quickly.

Shampoo worth 430 rubles (Kaliningrad).

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