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Today, sunglasses - it's not just assistants to see better, or protection from the sun, they are an important image component. I know girls who, with good eyesight bought glasses with zero diopters, because they find it is stylish.

I myself wear glasses, but with my high myopia, I can not afford many of the rim, because the glass I get decently thick. I know that there is a more modern version of the glasses, which are thinner, please, who knows more about them!

We talked about sore, back to our subject. Points can be a focal point that will draw attention to the portrait area, in the event that they have quite a contrast frame, or an interesting shape.

Choosing glasses need to focus on a few components - the functions that they can perform and the shape of the face, of course.

Function points in style

So what features can carry glasses, you may ask, in addition to the most important - to protect the eyes from the sun in the case of sunglasses, or adjust the vision?

It may be, for example, the need to add a creative way. This is necessary for creative professionals, for an unusual and interesting people who are making the image they want to emphasize their creativity.

In this case, you can pay attention to the unusual shapes and colors, a variety of geometries. Then the points will be exactly your creative twist, emphasizing the unusual inner world.

It is also our task may be to add respectability, status, credibility, in some cases, even age!

Then you should choose concise form, calm colors.

points form depends on the shape of the face

Here everything is clear, you will agree. Points are capable of as a bit of correct form and strengthen weaknesses. It all depends on whether they are properly selected in accordance with your face.

3 Consider the type of person:

  • rounded;
  • pointed;
  • combined.

Rounded type characterized by soft, rounded features and shapes. Pointed type - a sharp chin, nose, sharp cheekbones.

The most common type of combination in which the present and the roundness and sharpness. For example, it pointed oval elongated face and a bulbous nose.

Rounded face type are glasses, which are dominated by soft, flowing lines, excessive geometry can emphasize the roundness is not best. The frame should be without a pointed shape.

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A pointed face type, on the contrary, are good graphic quality elements, they blend harmoniously into the image as a whole.

The combined type can afford combinatorics, the glasses can comprise a rounded and graphically and elements.

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important nuances

Dropped jumper glasses visually makes shorter nose, however using it can adjust the length of the nose.

Triangular face are very glasses aviators because they modify the volume of the lower part of the face.

If you have a narrow forehead and a wider lower part, the points of cat shape well it will correct.

Frame Color plays a big part and it depends on your appearance. If you have the contrast (dark hair and fair skin or blond hair and dark eyes, and so on), you can afford a contrasting color, gloss. If your appearance is muted, choose muted colors, brushed metal.

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