Dark circles under the eyes and crow's feet

The skin under the eyes are most susceptible to change, because it is no secret that it is more subtle and gentle. Many are facing exactly these two problems - bruising under the eyes and wrinkles, although it is impossible to name them only with regret.

I love to laugh and sometimes very emotional, so facial wrinkles are my faithful companions. As for the bruises under his eyes - I know a lot of girls, in which they are the result of an individual building or a chronic lack of sleep and all that it implies. I have probably all at once)

Whatever it was, we always want to look fresher, more attractive, younger, and have every right to do) So today I want to share with you my methods of struggle and I will be very glad if you share your comments.

Black eye

To begin with, when I get enough sleep (a person with chronic insomnia is possible it would not be as often as we would like) and lead an active way of life, my bruises clearly lighter.

Under an active lifestyle, I mean a good physical activity, it is not even a hall or dance and

a sufficient number of steps. standard call 10 000 steps a dayOf course, everything is relative, but I confess - I have a sedentary lifestyle! Therefore, even for me 5000 sometimes cool, especially regular.

Who is with me on the marathon "10,000 steps a day?" E-mail, if there is a wish

A few words about the food - reducing salt intake, too, is doing its job! Of course, these two points do not erase the bruises like an eraser, but make the overall picture more enjoyable.

As regards the various kremikov good - they do not change the situation in my case, it was bruises did not disappear even after the Korean, and they are known, are famous for their bleaching. However, because the cause of under the skin, rather than the color of it, the result has not been noticed.

What will help with bruises under his eyes - so it's a beautician and fillers. The doctor fills the region of the lower eyelids of hyaluronic acid via injection. But such drastic measures, I do not dare.

So I learned to disguise them well) Really, concealer gives me fresh, and does not bring any problems or complications, as it can be with injections.

In the photo above - concealer of Katrice budget and in disguise, he is beyond praise, but can dry a little skin. Clarens is very economical, well masks and does not dry, I'm happy.

crow's feet

Do you have a cream for the eye area? I buy them from time to time, but the big difference and creams for the face was not seen among them. I think my best cream for the skin around the eyes is yet to come)

But that was really the opening of last year for me - so it patches under the eyes! I took it once out of curiosity, and now without them get around.

My love - it hydrogelAs fabric, I did not understand exactly what they are, that they are not. Patches impregnated with a rich essence, these are mini -masochki under the eyes, disposable.

With regular use, they give a great result for me a week later, although the first time the skin is more moisturized, of course. I buy them in the store, "Girlfriend", and the Internet in general a huge selection.

Someone advised to remove the patches in the refrigerator in the morning to get rid of the swelling of the eyes. In principle this is possible, if you keep them on the bottom shelf of the refrigeratorWhere the temperature is higher, since the recommended storage temperature patches from +5 to +25 degrees.

But I prefer to keep them to a room, and so they are easily removed the morning swelling.

By the way, bruises with regular use of some patches brightened slightly. The skin more smooth, nourish, and accordingly, leaving small wrinkles that appear it from dryness.

I hope that my article has been helpful to you, if it so - let me know your finger up, subscribe to a Business Beauticians, I cook a lot of interesting things on the canal!
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