❄Chto be if walking without a hat in the winter?

Hello dear readers! Today let's talk on the topic of interest and try to answer the question: "What will happen if you go without a hat in the winter?"

In the yard in autumn and is not far off loved by all winter. And just recently, we indulged in the rays of warm solntsa🔆. Now being on the street, you can see a strange picture. Some people dressed in warm jacket with a cap, and someone next to them (reluctantly teeth) goes in shorts with sandals. In winter, the situation is not changing. There are individuals who are used to going out in the cold without a hat. And it is fraught with a whole "bouquet" of troubles.

Many snapped at me with their fists and say, "In general, I never wore a hat in the winter and to me nothing happened".

Honestly, I'm happy for those people - because they're real lucky. After cooling of the head may occur a number of pathological symptoms. Let's look at them in more detail.

What unpleasant symptoms occur during cooling of the head?

The most harmless thing that can happen in the first few minutes - a change in the color of ears.

If you ignore this, "the first wake-up call", then there are other more serious symptoms.

In England, an experiment was conducted. People are divided into two groups. The first group went to the headgear, the other without them. The result was detected nasopharynx disease pattern and duration of human capless finding a minus weather. The first group almost did not hurt. And the second group are often observed rhinitis and cough. But this is only the "tip of the iceberg."

Prolonged stay in winter without a cap, a malfunction occurs in the arterial pressure. In humans, symptoms can appear, such as:

  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • dizziness, migraine headaches, shooting pains in the ears;
  • chills and fever;
  • colds and inflammation of the ears.

Of course these symptoms do not arise at all. Yet, we must bear in mind that in frosty windy better wear a hat, otherwise you can "shlopotat" frostbite head.

The impact of cold on hair

Many young ladies in the cold of winter do not wear a hat, because they do not want to mess up my hair. Yes, we can agree. For girls the beauty - is sacred. But if we consider it in the long run, the headdress still should be. The explanation is simple.

The cold affects the dermis head, damaging the hair follicles (worsens the blood supply). Over time, hair loses its natural shine, become brittle and split.

Ladies, please kindly: "If you do not want to mess up my hair in the cold, then instead of a hat, you can accurately put on a scarf or a scarf". So you can protect yourself from hypothermia. And remember that the disease is recommended to seek professional help.

Dress "the weather" and watch your health, as well as the place "Like 👍 "That-be to saw more people. I will be very grateful!

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