How much water and how much water the women in men

Man and woman
Man and woman

People about two-thirds water. The adipose tissue is less water. In women more fat tissue than men, so women have less water. The average woman of about 52 - 55% of water, and the average man - 60%.

With age, the amount of water in our body decreases.

In obese people on average less water.

If you drink enough water, it can appear kidney stones and other problems.

Our kidneys can easily cope with the removal of excess water, but our body can not store water for future use. Therefore it is better to drink a lot of water than a little.

Most of the water we receive through the mouth. Sometimes even the water that is formed in our body, but it is quite a bit.

Most of the water is derived from our body through the kidneys. Even water can evaporate through the skin or breathing, or output through the intestines. But it is usually less than a liter per day. Therefore, people who have completely stopped working kidneys can have less than a liter of water per day.


The water in our body greatly affect its dissolved electrolytes. Usually this

sodium and potassium. They should be strictly specified concentration.

If, for example, sodium in the blood is too much, then there is a thirst. We are starting to drink and dilute sodium.

Sodium pulls the water. If we drink too much water with low sodium content, this water will go where there is sodium. it osmotic salts action. It is that so you can get swelling of the brain. Read about it in my article about the harmful methods of weight loss (see link below).

If you drink a lot of water with salt, this salt will retain water in the intercellular space, and there will be swelling of the face and elsewhere.

In the extracellular space a lot of water. On average, a person weighing 70 kg about 40 liters of water. Of them in the intercellular space of about 10 liters.

Regulation of water in our body is very complex. Do not attempt to drive out the water bath or diarrhea. Do not drink liquid buckets with a low salt content. Better on these issues, first consult your doctor.

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