Which is useful for kidney

Kidney sinks in water
Kidney sinks in water

The kidneys can be damaged from diabetes, high blood pressure or bad heredity. Impact of all this is difficult. But you can change that depends on our behavior.

The desired amount of water

That's right. Because excess use of water for kidney does not work. In most cases, you need to drink during the day 1 - 2 liters the liquid in the beaker, without taking into account the fact that we get from vegetables, soup and something similar. From this amount of water the urine should be light.

proper nutrition

There is no useful for kidney food, but it is a diet that reduces the risk of hypertension and diabetes. Therefore, every time we limit salt or saturated fats, we protect their kidneys from damage from high blood pressure or diabetes.

Exercise stress

The same story. Useful not load itself, and of normal weight and good blood pressure. To do this, and you need to practice.

Careful with additives

Excess of some vitamins and herbal supplements can damage kidneys. Heard of excess ascorbic acid kidney stones are formed? That's it is.


Smoking damages blood vessels that nourish the kidneys. And smoking raises blood pressure and increases the risk of developing kidney cancer.

Be careful with medications

OTC drugs like ibuprofen can damage the kidneys. Ibuprofen - this is one of the safest anti-inflammatory drugs. It is given even to infants. But even against the background of dehydration ibuprofen can stop the work of the kidneys. Therefore, if a child has fever with diarrhea, lack of water and little urine, the ibuprofen is not appointed.